Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inducing Labor

Yes, I know, what you're thinking: what does this have to do with grilling?  Other than shrimp, which can be grilled (but in this case wasn’t), the answer is "nothing."

But the story, and recipe, is too good not to share with you.  Our friend Erin was in need of some help.  She was 5 days overdue and wanted the baby OUT!  As it happens, I have a recipe that has induced labor in four other overdue women, so we decided to give Erin the push she needed.  As usual, it worked.

For those of you who have been asking for recipes that can be made inside, you apartments dwellers, this is for you.  Not only can this recipe send you into labor, it's really delicious, whether you're with or without child.
A few notes:
- This dish is spicy.  If you're not someone that likes a lot of heat, just significantly reduce the amount of habañero chili.
- I don't like rice, so we just eat this in a bowl like a stew.  If you like rice, ladle it over some.
- There are a lot of ingredients, so make your shopping list carefully.
- This is a great dish for football season.  If soemone in your house has been crying out for a healthy meal, this is it.
- Habañeros are in season NOW.

Here is the recipe.  Check out the Video.  And welcome Anderson Wells, Griller Instincts newest follower,  born 12 hours after we fed Erin the Blistering Shrimp.

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