Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hickory Smoked Chicken Soup – With Grilled Veggies

We’ve been doing a lot of smoking lately, but so far, no chicken has made it to the grill.  That is, until now.  Since I read the requests, and since the weather is turning cold, this Hickory Smoked Chicken Soup recipe is for you (and you know who you are).!
Everyone has a chicken soup recipe.  I’m not trying to say mine is better than yours; it's probably just different from yours (though, like my award-winning Chili, my soup recipe may also beat yours in a local competition, but I don’t want to challenge any sort family recipe passed down from your grandmother and the like...).

Smoking a chicken is easy.  It cooks at the same temperature (325-350 degrees) that it would in the oven.  No need to cook slowly, and chicken absorbs the smoke flavor very easily.  The pop up indicator tells you when it’s done, so there is no need to mess around with meat thermometers.  This can be easily done on a gas grill, as well.  Just follow the instructions for indirect gas grilling.

Making the broth for the soup is also easy.  I buy good quality chicken stock then add vegetables and boil for an hour.  That makes the broth taste homemade.  If you want to make the it from scratch, that’s a long process, as you need to smoke the chicken, wait for it to cool, pull off the meat, then you can start your broth.  Too long! 

Grilling the vegetables is simple.  It just takes a few minutes.

The smoky chicken gives the soup a whole new element of taste.  Give it a try.

Check out the video:

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