Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grumpy's: Where Real Men Go For Grub

The Griller Instinct team has a lot of footage coming from Thanksgiving, so to do it justice, we're going to take our time to properly organize and edit it. But since I won't leave you hanging for a whole week, I wanted to bring you along on my own Black Friday tradition that my friends and I have been participating in for quite some time now, and that's our annual trip to Pennsylvania to shoot sporting clays.

A few hours of shooting always works up an appetite and on our way home, we found a great BBQ joint called Grumpy's.  There's not much out there in the Poconos, so to find anywhere decent to eat is a score.  Likewise, as I won our shooting contest, I had earned a free lunch and I wanted to make sure my victory meal tasted as delicious as my friends' defeat (and Grumpy's proved to be the right place for that).

I tried their three sliders:  brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken. I also ordered a single rib. I know that sounds crazy, but they will serve you a single.  I knew I was coming home to   Thanksgiving leftovers, so I thought one to taste made good sense.

Using my completely arbitrary rating system, I would give the brisket slider a "B," the pulled pork slider an "A-," the chicken slider a "C," the rib an "A-." Here's the breakdown:

Brisket - Smokey, and great flavor from the rub, but very fatty.

Pulled Pork - Great texture, but could use some spice.

Chicken - Who likes pulled chicken?  Not me.

Rib -  It had a good smoke ring and was was cooked just right.  Not mushy but not tough.  This was also a full size spare rib, and I know how hard it is to get full size spare rib right, so I very much appreciated the effort.

Check out the pictures:
The smoker
Smoking Wood

Me, Shooting

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