Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tri-Tip is Good Meat on the Cheap

The Griller Instinct team went on our annual family ski vacation to our time share in Park City last week.  The place has great kitchens and nice grills outside, which meant we had plenty of opportunity to cook.  It's easy to forget a good butcher like Stew is hard to find, and let me tell you, there are no independent butchers in Park City, so we had to make due with the local super market.

We found ourselves at the meat counter in a grocery store faced with $20/lb, average looking, boneless rib eye steak, that had been pre cut much too thin.  This steak wreaked of disappointing results.  

We called an audible and rummaged through the pre-cut in the cooler.  I found two good looking pieces of Tri-Tip, and I knew this was a better option.  What is Tri-Tip? Seasoned, cooked and sliced right, Tri-Tip is a great choice.  It's not a popular cut, so it's a reasonably priced piece of meat.

Standard Griller Instinct preparation of salt (sea or Kosher), fresh ground pepper and oilve oil.  Then we caramelized some sweet Vidalia onions to go on top of the steak.  

The grill was very hot, so medium rare for the Tri-Tip was approximately 7 minutes per side (Tri-Tip is a thick cut).  Lastly, to ensure your steak remains tender, Tri-Tip must be sliced across the grain.  

The steaks came out great. Check out the video and see for yourself.

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