Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - day one

Sorry for the delay but we just got power back at the Jersey Shore.  Just kidding!  We have had it for a few weeks.  Thankfully, the Griller Instinct team made it through the storm with minor damage which I can't say about all our friends, some of which you see in these videos.  I will be honest and let you know the delays in my postings are the result of my having a day job.  As much as I would like to conjure up new and exciting ways to smoke and grill meat all day ....  I've got to go to work!  What a distraction.

Back to the hurricane.  Sandy rolled in on Monday night.  We lost power around 1pm.  Luckily we have a generator that gives us lights inside and keeps all the meat and beer cold. By 6pm we were bored so we headed out to the deck to grill some steak.

In the video you will see me grill a steak that has recently come onto the scene.  You know I like good meat on the cheap and this fits right into that genre. I grilled a rib steak, but not a rib eye steak. This steak was cut off the rib.  I'm not totally sure how to describe it other than it's a steak cut from the rib rack but not the eye. I'll come back to you with specifics.  It's tender like a Flat Iron steak.

Also, I grilled broccoli.  I made the broccoli the same way I roast most vegetables.

Cut up veggies in a bowl
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Yellow curry powder

Mix it up and roast at a high heat.  

Rib steak had the standard salt pepper olive oil.  The wind was so strong I had to send the kids inside half way through the video as I thought they might blow away.  The wind did stoke the fire with made the Green Egg shoot up to 650 degrees so it was an inferno, which you can see.

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