Monday, December 19, 2011

Aunt Rachel's Latkes

We here at Griller Instinct usually like to show you what we've done to celebrate the holidays after the fact.  Well, we're going to get in front a holiday for a change: Hanukkah is soon!  So of course I'm going to share with you our family's latke recipe which is so easy and delicious, you may find yourself eating them straight through Christmas!

Some people think that latkes are only for people who celebrate Hanukkah, or that they're only meant to be eaten this time of year.  And for those people, I tell them, "Don't be ridiculous!"  Latkes are basically hash browns, and you can make them for Christmas,  for Kwanzaa, for your birthday, for breakfast, or just for fun.

Here is the recipe.

Here is a picture of the latkes frying.  Make note of the deep pan, as it keeps oil from splattering everywhere and making a mess.

Now, since this is a blog that caters to those with a griller instinct, I have to let you know that it is possible to make these latkes on the grill.  Simply heat up your pot of oil on the grill and stay vigilant about the temperature not rising too high!

And here is a quick video tutorial.

And as a special surprise: Not Latkes
I sent my friend, Marshall, a picture of the latkes as they were frying last night.  He was then kind enough to respond with what he was making.  And that means I get to share with you Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Roquefort Cheese and Toasted Almonds inside. 

I can't be certain, but I believe that he plated the dates with pink grapefruit slices topped with black sesame seeds.  What am I certain of is that it looks awesome.  Hopefully, he'll send in the recipe, and if he does, I'll be sure to share it with you!

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