Friday, December 9, 2011

If You Aren't Going to Grill Your Own...

...At least go have the best steak you can, and for me, that's Peter Luger.

There aren't many good reasons to go to Brooklyn and, in fact, after Luger's, my list runs a little thin.  But the outerborough location doesn't stop my buddies and me form kicking off the holiday season with a trip to Peter Luger

(If you are in the New York area, let the below entice you;for the rest of you, proceed with jealousy...)

If you want to eat the best steak on Earth, you must travel to New York City.  I know this statement will generate a lot of angry emails about your favorite steak house in Singapore, or Budapest, or wherever you are, but trust me, Peter Luger is better.

A few notes about Peter Luger:

- It's in Brooklyn, so it's a pain in the ass to get to.
- It's not fancy. 
- It's cash only.
- It's old school, with a lot of wood and old man waiters.
- I've never seen a menu.

And yet....  every time I go, I am reminded how much better it is than any other steakhouse.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you are asking "Why?  Why is this steak better than any others you may have had?"  And my honest answer is: I have no idea.  Maybe it the quality of the meat. Maybe it's how it's prepared.  Maybe it's the handle bar mustaches on so many of the waiters.  I can't be sure, and surely we'll never know.

The real question is: why can't all the copycat steakhouses in Manhattan that have been opened by ex-Luger employees duplicate the food?  There must be a secret and I don't know what it is.

Five of us dined, and we enjoyed:
Steak for 5 medium rare (Porterhouse, obviously)
Hash Browns
Creamed Spinach
Thick-Cut Bacon
Shrimp Cocktail
Tomato and Onions

And, of course, plenty of Peter Luger sauce on the side.

Our story doesn't end here, but the meal does.  We left full and happy, and are sure to return, likely to have the same meal as you can't go wrong with a great steak, a lot of liquor and good company.

And don't worry: for those of you who have been asking for the Brussels Sprouts recipe, it's coming; I'll get it out to you the next few days.

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