Sunday, July 24, 2011

Aged Steaks - Prime Rib (bone in) Father's Day 2011

Like many of you, I get to pick my favorite meal on Father's Day.  I choose aged Prime Rib.  Ask your butcher if he will age meat for you (if you don't have a butcher, find one).  When I buy a prime rib, I always get the whole piece.  That way, I can have it cut into whatever sizes we need and the leftovers freeze really well for a rainy day.  

Aged meat has a great nutty flavor.  If you go to a great steakhouse like Peter Luger or Wolfgang's you will recognize the taste.  If you live somewhere with no great steakhouses, that stinks.  All the more reason to seek out aged meat. For spice, I just rub them with a little olive oil and then liberally salt (kosher or sea) and pepper.  Generally, I don't use a lot of salt but these steaks are big, and what the heck...  it was Father's Day.

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