Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who Likes Mussels?

These rock.  And they only take five minutes to make.  Just mix the mussels with chopped garlic (1/2 cup), parsley (1 bunch), olive oil (1/4 cup), throw on a super hot pan or in a pot, and sprinkle with white wine (1/2 bottle).  Watch out! The wine will make a big plume of steam. Immediately cover, and wait a few minutes for the mussels to open.  As soon as they are open, they are done. Dump them into a bowl and serve.  A few mussels might not open.  They might be bad, so chuck them.


  1. How many mussels should you use (by weight), how many servings does this yield, and--most importantly--what good wine or booze pairing can you recommend?

  2. When I buy mussels they usually come in a 3lb bag, so that’s the proportion the recipe is based on. I think 4lbs wouldn’t change much, but if you get into 5lbs+, then it’s time to increase all ingredients proportionally. I generally use this as an appetizer, and it’s usually good for a group of 6. Sounds like you might want to serve it as the main course. In that case, 2-3 people per 3lb bag.

    White wine always works; a nice, light pinot, should pair nicely. Vodka also sounds like a great choice!